L Richards – Oxford Tce, Unley

As a new home builder I was certainly unsure of what to expect from the building company I had chosen to complete my ideas. After many discussions with other companies and a thorough search throughout the web, I decided to use Desyn. From the moment I had my first meeting with them I knew they would fulfill all of my demanding expectations. They were able to assist me with a multitude of pre-build assistance ranging from drawings, to joinery design as well as guidance for all finishes. It created a real sense of comfort, knowing they would do everything in their power to create the home I had dreamt about, yet on a budget.

From the time the slab went down until the day they handed me the keys, my site supervisor Josh was fantastic. He allowed me to feel comfortable when I wasn’t around, in knowing he would be ensuring that all trades were completing each process perfectly. I expected a high level of finishes and that’s exactly what I got. Josh would not allow anything less than 100% to be signed off, and the longer I live in the house the more that becomes evident.

Efficient, honest and particular is how I would describe this company, able to cater to a wide variety of needs. It’s refreshing to work with a younger group of people who have passion for what they produce. I am fussy, I will admit that, but there was never any dispute in a request I put forward and a realistic discussion was had at every design hurdle.

I would recommend this team for any build, of any size and of any spec. They will be able to produce what any client desires and I will certainly use them again for future projects. Desyn have made a potentially stressful experience into something enjoyable.