B. Pain – Brian St, Marion

“There are many stories about “building a home can be a long drawn out nightmare with hidden expenses that blow budgets”, with Desyn, I found exactly the opposite. The smooth process from tendering stages including design changes for cost savings, variations and building execution was completely hassle free.

Working in the building industry myself I am constantly subjected to builders who leave out items to keep cost down to win projects knowing quite well there is money to be made later in the project when it’s too late to pull out.

Initially Desyn came in at the most expensive quote and I had thought there was no hope until I had third party advice (being my first build) comparing all inclusions and exclusions across 4 quotes and found Desyns quote the most detailed and accurate. This made obvious that a couple of the other builders had hidden around $40k of cost to look more appealing.

Narrowing down two final quotes between Desyn and a “big builder”, Desyn were approximately 5% higher in cost, but were well worth it in the end as they use quality subcontractors I found very professional and accommodating with an excellent standard of work.

Comparing close friends and acquaintances recent experiences, I can honestly say I have had the best experience and quality with Desyn when comparing the finer details of the end result.

Without hesitation I have signed up a second build with Desyn and not wasted time sourcing additional quotes and risking a lesser quality build”